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3613 reviews...

Rodan and fields reverse before and after - 2020-05-05,South Dakota

My face is finally at 39…zit free! My face doesn’t even feel like MY face anymore, its so soft & smooth, you would never know I was using strong acne products."She's not trying to be friends with me; she's trying to build her empire.".Over the years the Rodan & Fields products were seen as very good for the skin and the company won awards in 2014 for those products.

Rodan and Fields are both Stanford-trained dermatologists with decades of experience who continue to maintain their private practices in addition to having this business.I sent it ALL back, and just received a form email that there would be no refund – due to either being outside the 60 days, or that not everything was returned.What we are talking about is how those sales consultants are told to market the Rodan and Fields products.

Rodan and fields reverse before and after - 2020-04-23,Mississippi

The fact of the matter is that I did and quite honestly I only care about my reaction!I thought maybe it was just an off day so I tried again.I have read through all the comments left regarding Rodan and Fields Skincare.I would love to give more information to anyone interested .I started with the products in April and have had amazing results!The product lines were developed to meet individual needs based on your particular skin concerns and we have a solution tool to assist in determining what is best for you.Yes the initial cost is a about $200.00, but after that you only replenish the individual items as needed.If you become a preferred customer you also get 10% off the cost of products for life and any order over $80.00 you get free shipping.Remember you always get a 60 day empty jar money back guarantee no questions asked.So you have nothing to lose by trying your specific skincare line and everything to gain when you see the amazing difference in your skin.Please contact me for more information, you’ll be glad you did.

rodan and fields dermatologists reviews

The Truth Behind Rodan + Fields (And Its Takeover ... - Allure

Rodan and fields product catalog - 2020-02-20,Michigan

The creators of Rodan & Fields are the same creators of proactive.If you go through a consultant not only will you pay less, but you will have support for any questions you may have, access to all the product lines plus there is a 60-day money back guarantee which does not exist when purchased through Amazon.You wouldn’t work out every day for 3 hours a day eating super well for a month, see that 6-pack of abs, then stop for a month expecting those abs to stay, right? You need to keep consistency with everything.

There are an very high amount of extremely dissatisfied customers on here… That is usually a sign.Don’t you think? The consultants keep responding with something like “I’m sorry to hear about your experience but I…”I personally find it troubling that there are so many bad experiences and so many consultants jumping in to aid.

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Rodan and fields dermatologists reviews - 2020-04-13,South Carolina

I am in shock!!! Have you even tried any of the regiments??? Before picking a regiment you really have to know your skin and how it may interact with other treatment you might be using!!! I have used a multitude of products over the past 24 years and my skin started changing again 3 yrs ago and as always followed up with my dermatologist for sun damage,Melasma, and uneven skin tone and aging skin in my 40’s and at first I was very doubtful trying yet another product but then I slowly started seeing results, by no means quickly but with consistent usage in the recommended easing into it, after a full year using Age assault Redefine regiment with the AMP roller and the step 3 Reverse…now 2 years later my skin looks and feels amazing and I no longer wear concealer??.If I could post my photos on here, I would.

rodan and fields product catalog

The Truth About Rodan + Fields: Do the Products Work ...

Truth about rodan and fields - 2020-02-28,Wyoming

How to Use Lash Boost: Use once daily, at night, applying to upper lash line only and following these steps.Ah, what lives you live that skin care is a problem? What a first-world problem you have.No one is ever charged without first receiving an e-mail from R+F about their pending order (always 5 days in advance of charging you).

I wouldn’t really call what I’m experiencing a “rash”.A former coworker of mine began selling R+F and I started seeing her dramatic changes (and having worked with her, I already knew she had great skin– and this was her “secret”!).It took almost a year to try it (finances) and was excited to try something that might actually work for my horribly dry and sensitive skin.and it worked!Soothe WORKED!!!I wasn’t having to reapply moisturizer to my face 30 times a day!finally, my skin wasn’t painfully dry and irritated.but within 2 weeks, that changed.I started dealing with clogged pores.HORRIBLY clogged pores.It had always been normal to me to suffer an occasional pimple due to the fact that overly dry skin will attempt to create more oils and often lead to a clogged pore as a result.Add in the occasional hormonal breakout.But never have I ever experiences anything like this.My chin has been consistently broken out for over a month.And I thought maybe my skin was dealing with an adjustment and would sort itself out if I kept using the regimen (because, again, my skin IS NOT dry or painful, except where I’m breaking out all over my chin, and cheeks.)At one point, I had a breakout so bad in the crease of my chin that it did not heal for an entire month.I’m back to square 1 again, and going to re-start my search for a face cleansing and moisturizing regimen that not only leaves my skin feeling moisturized and not painfully dry, but also doesn’t clog my pores, and perhaps I can also find some anti-wrinkle add-ons.

Rodan and fields pricing guide - 2020-02-20,Delaware

After bad reaction to some make-up she broke out for months trying different products that didn’t work.I’m a licensed esthetician.I ordered a ONE time order, yet they continue to debut my account over 170.00 and send me products that I send back with a cancellation letter, and a cease and desist order.This is ridiculous.I wish I had never heard of this company.

only when i over used iti thought it i slapped it on it would fix things quicker boy was i wrong had to stop and re start following a break and stuck to the instructions 100% and ive been fine.This has all actually happened to Lore Cardella.After asking my eye doctor for her opinion of the lash boost serum I decided to walk away.She said she would never recommend it to anyone and gave me a list of harmful effects associated with the lash boost product.BEFORE AFTERS - Rodan + Fields®.

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